RapBullet Interview With Joe Young

April 9th, 2014 | By
RapBullet Have once again a Exclusive Interview with Joe Young!!
RapBullet is here with Joe young whats going on ??
Everything is good im just outhere Working trina be better then last Year. We got alot of Projects in the Pipeline right now so stay tuned for that
Last year you released the first trailer of your  reality Show “the Young Life” and eponymous EP are you still working on that ?
Actually we working on the right Situation for the Reality Show right now as well as the EP that we want to present with it. We have a few TV Networks thats really willing to pick it up. We just havent decided where we want to go with it just yet. But its definetly still going to be out soon
The “Black Bottles and Models” EP with your homie K Young is out!! What is your favorites from the EP??
I like all the Songs on the EP. I dont have a favorite right now. It switches with my Moods. There are some days where i Like “Im On”..the next Day i like “Sin City” or “Put my City on”. It just varies.
What about visuals of the EP?
Yea we got a Visual done for the Song Im On which is in the final Stages of beeing edited right now. We should be having that for you shortly. And we working on another Video as well. So stay tuned for that.
What are your thoughts for the Hip-Hop Year 2014?
I really dont have no thoughts right now. All my thoughts are reserved for my own Hip Hop Year 2014. Im working on alot of Material right now so i dont really have an opinion on nothing else but my Music and what i got going on. But i do have to say that some good Music transpired this Year. But im just focused on my Contribution.
The upcoming shows or tour dates starts On May?  Tell your fans little bit of it?
The Tourdates will arrive shortly. My People are working on finalizing that right now so get ready to see me on the Road real real soon
What is your Info website?
Im in the Process of getting my Website done right now. I just want to have that look to it. We bouncing around with Ideas but im not totally satisfied yet. But i hope it will be up soon.
Any last Words?
Check for me with a check for me
Follow JoeYoung on Twitter.com @Gorillajoeyoung @Ylmghunnagang Facebook.com/Officialjoeyoung Instagram.com/Joeyoung4real

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